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Mega Best Sellers Deodorant Bundle (limited edition!)

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6 of our best sellers & the highest savings! Each bundle includes 6 deodorants: (1) Sandalwood & Bergamot (1) Fresh-Cut Fir (1) Essence of Rosewood (1) Peppermint & Charcoal (1) Lavender & Vetiver - Regular Strength (1) Chai Latte.

Our biggest savings! Save 30% when you bundle 6 of our top best sellers. Great for stocking up, sharing with loved ones, or gifting!

Please see individual products for specific ingredient breakdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question a lot! Is it offensive to gift someone a deodorant? We say absolutely not! In fact, we see a lot of gifting happening and people buying deodorants for their loved ones. It's the ultimate symbol of caring for someone and sharing with them something thoughtful and good for them.

Strength is an indicator of 'deodorizing power'.

At Nala, our regular & extra strength deodorants use baking soda as the active ingredient, with extra strength formulas having the highest concentration of baking soda.

Sensitive skin formulas primarily use ingredients such as arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, or charcoal for absorption and anti-bacterial properties.

Our regular & extra strength deodorants contain baking soda, with extra strength deodorants having the highest concentration of baking soda. Sensitive skin formulas will have no, or very low concentrations of baking soda.

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