To include Tea Tree Oil and Manuka oil in our products, we rely on a special blend called LEMA® oil, which is produced in New Zealand. LEMA® Oil is a proprietary synergistic mixture of the most microbiologically active and concentrated extracts from both East Cape New

Zealand Manuka Oil (MβTK 40+) and Australian Tea Tree Oil.

LEMA® was developed in-house by the Melora company, which integrates traditional Māori knowledge of the Manuka plant into its production of Manuka honey and essential oil. (It’s also one of the first instances of proper compensation for indigenous landowners in the honey-making process, but that’s a whole other, awesome story.)

It’s broad spectrum antimicrobial properties,  low toxicity and high potency (as an anti-microbial) makes it amazing natural preservative  for use in skincare products. it’s capable of combatting bacteria without being harsh on skin.

It also blends the sharp, astringent smell of tea tree with the softer, sweeter manuka scent – especially beneficial for a product you’re applying to your armpits.