Abiding by California Proposition 65 | Why we ban 900+ Ingredients

Abiding by California Proposition 65 | Why we ban 900+ Ingredients

You take a walk down the cosmetics aisle and it seems like every label for cleansers, shampoos, moisturizers and deodorants are green, have leaves on them, and say things like “natural” and “clean.” Is it true? Are all these products green? And if so, what does that mean exactly? 

Unfortunately, terms like natural and clean aren’t regulated by any governing body, meaning brands can slap them on their packaging even if they aren’t the safest option available to consumers. At Nala, we abide by the strictest guidelines set out in North America, California Proposition 65. 

What is California Proposition 65?

Also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, California Proposition 65 was passed in 1986. It not only bans any potential carcinogens from the drinking water in California but also requires businesses to list any known carcinogens on their product packaging. 

This proposition contains a list of over 900 ingredients and is updated yearly to reflect any changes. That means that we ban over 900 ingredients from Nala deodorants. 

We choose to use these standards when evaluating which ingredients to exclude from our deodorant because we want to be as strict about what you’re putting onto your body as what you might be putting in it. To us, they’re one and the same. 

Where we started

In 2013, we lost a vital member of our family to cancer. The deep loss inspired deeper inquiry, and as we waded through the realities of health and wellbeing, Nala grew from an idea into a necessity. 

As a brand whose story started with cancer, we take zero chances with ingredients that might even hint at being carcinogenic. You might be thinking this only means harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals, but natural ingredients can fall on the California Proposition 65 list too, which is why we vet everything before introducing it into our product line. 

The ingredients we choose

While we stay strict on the ingredients we exclude from our products, we put just as much time and energy into choosing the ingredients that do make it into our product line. We’re selective and make sure that each ingredient we add has a purpose. 

Ylang Ylang essential oil is used for its beautiful natural scent and also its antibacterial properties. Organic Cocoa Butter is used for its skin-soothing benefits as well as its ability to prevent cell mutations that cause skin cancer.

With over 90% of our ingredients of an organic source, each one adds value to our products and is chosen for being nourishing, moisture-absorbing, hydrating, preserving, or a combination of many. If there’s an ingredient in our product, there’s a definitive reason why it was chosen. 

Feel Confident

The best part about choosing Nala is that you can feel confident in not only what you’re putting on your body, but how these ingredients will react with your body. With each ingredient chosen for its value-add, and over 900 carcinogenic ingredients avoided, we’re elevating the terms “natural” and “clean” to a whole new level.

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