Celebrate the holiday season with Nala limited edition scents

The holidays can bring so much joy. So much connection, conversation over dinner, and happy moments. And there can be a lot of stress and anxiety mixed in there as well. We’re making sure you’re covered and smelling fresh with these two beautiful limited edition winter scents. 

Our Winter Spice features that distinct warm holiday smell with hints of cinnamon, sweet orange, and cloves. It’s like all your best holiday memories of warm drinks by the fire, wrapped up into one free-from deodorant. 

Winter Mint gives you that invigoratingly fresh feeling with our special use of Japanese peppermint. The high concentration of menthol gives this free-from deodorant a winter wonderland scent. 

Both special edition scents feature copaiba oil, giving them natural anti-inflammatory properties. And because copaiba oil’s scent has a direct effect on the mood, the aromatherapy aspects will aid to reduce any holiday stress levels this year. Like all our products, these deodorants are safe and free-from toxins. Their aluminum-free qualities safely neutralize underarm odour by using botanicals and scientifically validated ingredients of the highest quality.

It’s the season of giving, so treat yourself and a loved one to these two holiday scents, available in a bundle.


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