Nala introduces Reduced Packaging

At Nala, we’re constantly looking for ways to be increasingly sustainable, from the initial life of a product straight to its end. Introducing reduced packaging is just one small step, and our first of many, in our continual eco-friendly evaluation process. 

What does reduced packaging mean for you?

After adding your free-from products to your cart and starting the checkout process, you’ll see a little box that reads “Reduced Packaging.” Click this and you’ll receive your deodorant without the outer box packaging tube. This is a great option for regular and returning customers who already know what product they love and don’t need the extra box. 

You’ll still receive your invoice and your order will still be packaged safely so that it arrives ready to be worn. 

Become familiar with our ingredients

Every single ingredient in our products is carefully chosen by our team for its unique benefits, in order to create a formulation that is as effective as it is natural and healthy. 

Our outer box packaging contains a lot of rich information about our ingredients, and if you choose to shop with reduced packaging, we encourage you to get familiar with our full ingredients list here. You’ll find a breakdown of every item, in each of our products – their health benefits, their skin care benefits, and the reason we’ve chosen to include them in the Nala Care line.

Curious about what ingredients we’re remaining free-from? We’re so confident in what we can do with clean ingredients, that we thought we’d give you a list of things you’ll never find listed on our packaging.

We’re so appreciative to our customers for helping to make this planet just a little greener.

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