How to use the last bit of your Nala

You use your Nala deodorant every morning, and this a.m. you realize you’re down to the last bit. Having troubles getting to the bottom part? We hear you. 

We acknowledge that getting those last few swipes of our free-from deodorant can be tricky. 

To account for those hard-to-reach bits, we start weighing the deodorant once the bottom of the container is filled, so you know you’re getting a full 60g of usable deodorant stick. That means that the total weight of the product is actually closer to 63g when you add in those few grams that are harder to retrieve. So what do you do with that little bit that’s leftover?

You can retrieve the last bits of the deodorant by twisting it all the way up and taking the round bottom out of the vessel. From there you can push the deodorant out into a small jar and keep it in your bathroom cabinet. This way you’ll have it handy to use as…

A Gentle Natural Perfume

When you want to wear a subtle scent for the day, reach for that jar and use your fingers to apply a small bit behind your ears, on your wrists, or along your collarbone. This is an especially nice practice in the morning as a gentle reminder to breathe deep and take a calming breath. 

An Eyebrow Wax

Going for that bold brow? Use an angled makeup brush and dip it into the remnants of your deodorant. The natural waxes in the product will hold your eyebrows in shape for an all-day look. Mix in a little eyeshadow or brow powder for an even bolder brow.

A Cuticle Moisturizer

When those cuticles become cracked or irritated, your little jar of free-from deodorant will do the trick to keeping them moisturized and protected. When applied topically, the cacao butter in your deodorant is amazing for your skin. Just take some between your fingers and rub to warm it up before applying it to your cuticles.

A Lip Balm

Lips feeling dry? Reach for that jar of deodorant and use your fingertips to apply the remnants as a lip balm. The natural waxes, butters and oils in the deodorant will soothe those cracked lips and offer up a subtle scent at the same time. 

Do you feel inspired yet? How do you make the most of your Nala deodorant? Let us know in the comments! 

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