How to Upcycle your Nala Container

How to Upcycle your Nala Container

You have this beautiful packaging that surrounded and protected your Nala deodorant, and now you’re wondering what to do with it. As we continue to strive for sustainable solutions to every aspect of our brand, we thought we’d share some upcycling ideas. From planters to jewelry containers, our customers continue to inspire us in the solutions they discover. 

Bathroom Storage

We’ve probably all had a moment (or a hundred) where the bathroom vanity cabinet has overwhelmed us. That’s why our packaging makes a great solution to corral all those loose items. 

  • Keep your Q-tips tidy and easy to access.
  • Don’t let those bobby pins run wild. Always have them at hand by organizing them in our box. 
  • Become your girlfriend’s favourite bathroom and keep tampons handy. 
  • Keep an empty lid for when you remove your earrings, rings, or necklaces before a shower. Safer there than down the drain!


Desk Organization

Working from home? We feel you there! Why not have your desk Zoom ready by keeping things tidy and storing your paperclips, pens, or other loose ends in our packaging? 


Showcase Your Favourite Flowers

Have a small bud you picked from the garden? Looking to sprout those spring seeds? Maybe you’re starting an herb garden? Our packaging is great for small flowers and seedlings and makes it easy to transport your flowers and herbs to a bigger pot once they’re ready. 


Your Travel Buddy

While we might not be flying to exotic destinations at the moment, that doesn’t mean you’re not taking your laptop to a coffee shop or packing a bag for a weekend at the cabin. To keep your cords and phone chargers from getting tangled, throw them in our outer box packaging and they’ll be easy to access when you need them. 


Get Creative

If you’re looking for an afternoon activity, why not try your hand at painting? Whether it’s an abstract print or a geometric design, you can use our lids as stamps and paint with them. These are great for designing cards, playtime with kids, or even creating a new art piece for your home. 

Dining Decor

Have you become your home’s new Top Chef? Make your dinner extra special and use our packaging as a candle holder. Just melt the bottom of the candle slightly and press it into the packaging, and then any wax drips will be caught in the packaging and not left to damage your table. 

You can also use a box to hold things such as toothpicks, really upping that restaurant feel in your home. 

While there are so many innovative ways to upcycle your Nala packaging, if you don’t want to receive the outer box in your future orders, we now offer a reduced packaging option at checkout which comes without the outer box.  


image by customer: Melissa DeLucchi

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