Why do I smell differently after having a baby?

Why do I smell differently after having a baby?

Your body went through a lot to create your baby and then to birth it, and now it’s going through another journey as it adjusts to life postpartum. One of the side effects you may be experiencing is a change in your sweat’s odor. 

Why do I stink after having a baby?

After labour and delivery, your estrogen levels drop dramatically. Though they don’t plunge as much as progesterone, the relative drop from where these hormone levels were during pregnancy can bring about some intense mood changes (1). We’re not sure about you, but we often sweat more when anxious, nervous or stressed, and all of this psychological sweat can emit a stinkier body odor than cooling sweat

Body odor changes can also be because of changes in weight and diet. Your weight is heavily fluctuating as your body rids itself of the extra fluids taken on during pregnancy, and your diet might consist of whatever you can eat cold with one hand. All very normal postpartum adjustments. 

On top of all of this, if you’re nursing your baby, your body will naturally release a stronger odor from your armpits to help guide your baby to its food source (2). Your body is assisting your baby in finding your breast, a change that takes place right after birth. 

Science is cool sometimes, right?

Except you’re stinky. We get it. 

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What can I do about my smell changing after having a baby?

The hormonal shifts and weight and diet changes will begin to taper off sometime around the six to eight-week mark (3) - unless you continue to eat nachos for dinner which we totally applaud. However, the extra body odor due to nursing will stick around until you’re done breastfeeding (2).

While you might feel like your body has turned against you, there are a few things you can do to help: 

  • Hydrate to help liquid release from your urine instead of your sweat glands
  • Shower regularly (or as much as a new parent can)
  • Avoid foods rich in salt
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Detox your armpits at night with our Peppermint and Activated Charcoal Free-From Deodorant to help eliminate any lingering toxins and wake up feeling fresher
  • Choose a free-from deodorant that meets the new sweat strength your changing body is needing

And remember to love yourself and your body, because it and you are amazing. 

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