Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedrus Atlantica

Being based in Vancouver, we have a sentimental response to the scent of cedarwood: this versatile tree grows mostly in cold-weather climates, and on a rainy winter day in the woods by our home the smell of cedar is everywhere.

Beyond its soothing scent, cedarwood is ripe with skincare benefits.

Like so many of the ingredients we select, it is anti-inflammatory and soothing for the skin, as well as antiseptic for combating bad bacteria.

Cedarwood oil also acts as an excellent natural astringent – it causes skin proteins to coagulate and form a stronger surface, protecting the skin from absorbing environmental toxins and bacteria.

Cedarwood is also a known natural insect repellent – its scent drives mosquitoes and other irritants away (a particularly useful application in a summer deodorant).

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