Why Free-From?

Why Free-From?

Clean beauty. Natural ingredients. If you’ve ever caught yourself confused as to what these terms mean exactly, you’re not alone. 

The growing and ongoing shift towards clean beauty is something that should be celebrated. ‘Clean Beauty’, however, is growing and developing far faster than regulatory bodies can keep up with. 

Without definitive standards for products to be classified as ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ there is ample room for interpretation. This, unfortunately, paves the way for companies to get creative with marketing claims that dilute these terms with overuse and misuse to the point that they may hold little value or clarity to you, the consumer. 

All this is to say, this is why Nala is proudly Free-From. We chose the term ‘free-from’ over ‘natural’ because we want to provide transparency with the quality and safety standards we set for ourselves - high above the standards mandated by any regulatory body. We want you to feel confident in the products you’re using and have the knowledge to make educated choices for your body. 

So what exactly is Free-From?

Free-from a list of ingredients that you’ll never find in our products. 

The clean beauty sphere can be overwhelming in the amount of information there is to sift through and navigate. To help provide clarity on Nala’s scientific approach to high quality and high performing products we’ll be sharing a series of educational content so that you can feel confident when adding a product to your cart.


Photo via Sheena Zilinski.

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