Lemon Myrtle & Geranium

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Celebrate how nature’s simplicity can help your daily needs in the most loving way with our free-from women’s deodorant. Gentle hues of sundrenched lemons meet a hint of rose scent for a perfectly delicate and refreshing pairing. Safe and free from toxins, this aluminum-free deodorant safely neutralizes underarm odor by using botanicals and scientifically validated ingredients of the highest quality.

60 g

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  • Ingredients

    Camellia Oleifera seed oil*
    Tapioca Starch*
    Maranta Arundinacea Root powder*
    Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter*
    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*
    Sodium Bicarbonate
    Vegetable Glycerin*
    Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
    Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax*
    Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Extract (Lemon Myrtle CO2 extract)*
    Pelargonium Graveolens Oil (Geranium Essential Oil)*
    Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil)
    Cinnamomum Campora (Ho Wood Essential Oil)
    Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil*
    Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil (Australian Manuka Oil)


  • How to use

    Be mindful not to over apply (2 swipes will do)!

    Reapply as necessary

    Know what to expect while your body is detoxing

  • Reviews (18)

    18 reviews for Lemon Myrtle & Geranium

    1. Kaylee (verified owner)

      I started using the Lemon Myrtle and Geranium deodorant a few years ago, and have never looked back. I was nervous about the transition period but was so pleasantly surprised with how well these natural deodorants actually worked, not to mention the lemon myrtle smells AMAZING. It glides on easy and doesn’t feel gluey or sticky like other natural deodorants I tried previously. I’m now pregnant and am so thankful for a product that is free from harmful toxins!!

    2. Kale Bajowsky

      I discovered this scent at Charlie & Lee in Chinatown, Vancouver. I was originally hooked on the Sandlewood + Beramot stronger scent, but when they were sold out one day, I took a chance on this lighter formula and was pleasantly surprised to find that it met all my needs! Beyond that, I love the integrity of the ingredients, the beautiful packaging, and the whole experience of wearing this product. I like that I get to experience the scent when I apply, but am not constantly noticing it on myself all day long. I like that it never irritates my skin and that a a small amount goes a long way – which means it lasts for a really long time and making it well worth the price. One of my favourite finds of late. Also still would fully recommend the Sandlewood + Bergamot scent. Thank you, Nala!

    3. Sam

      Not only does this deodorant smell lovely it actually goes on SO SMOOTH. I’ve never come across such a moisturizing deodorant that doesn’t use proplyene glycol. Will be purchasing again.

    4. Svetlana (verified owner)

      I heard so many great reviews regarding Nala Care so I decided to buy two: Lemon Myrtle & Geranium and Sandalwood and Bergamot. So far, I’ve tried the Lemon and sadly, this did not work for me. While I love the packaging, scent and fast shipping, within a few hours, my pits smelled sour. Also, the scent smelled like weed on me…maybe it’s just my body’s reaction to it. This deodorant also did not hold up during a sweaty workout; this didn’t hold up anywhere close to other natural deodorants I’ve tried and I’ve tested many. Another thing to note is the amount of product. Again, in comparison to the size other products, the amount you get for the price is a little steep. I have yet to try the Sandalwood so we’ll see.

      • Nala Care (verified owner)

        Hi Svetlana, thank you for your review. The Sandalwood is a stronger deodorant and may be a better fit for your body chemistry. Our products are created without filler ingredients and so one tube will last on average 3-6 months with daily usage.

    5. Yvette (verified owner)

      Thank you for the lovely products. I ordered one of each deodorant. I loved them all – not only the product itself but also the obvious care that had gone into creating these products. Your good intentions shine through with the intelligent combination of high-quality ingredients, the simple and clean packaging, flexible ordering, customizing of the products, right down to the personalized note. The entire experience of ordering from your company has been refreshing from start to pleasant finish. Kudos!

    6. lnicolerolland (verified owner)

      Just ordered another batch for the family. I can’t say enough about this wonderful deodorant. Having used it for over 2 years now, under every circumstance, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Not only does it work great but the stick lasts for such a long time that it is well worth the cost. Supporting an eco friendly local business has never been so easy.

    7. JR (verified owner)

      This product is fantastic!
      After having my first child I became interested in using more natural skincare products. I tried a number of natural deodorants, but they either weren’t working for me or made my skin react. I ended up going back to using my regular drugstore antiperspirant. But after having my second child I was determined to find a natural deodorant that worked. I ordered your charcoal detox deodorant as well as the lemon myrtle geranium one and after 6 months of continued use, I have just been SO impressed! My underarms have completely changed since using them. My skin is so soft, and my underarm hair has started coming in a lot thinner and lighter – so I have to shave less often. I also didn’t realize how discoloured my skin was until about a month after using your deodorants and noticing that there was no discolouration anymore. I’m not usually one to write reviews about products, but this is one product I feel the need to speak up about. It is fantastic, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using an antiperspirant. Well done!

    8. Aryne (verified owner)

      I just recently have been trying out natural deodorants with zero success… until Nala! This one WORKS! I sweat a ton and no natural deodorant was cutting it for me. The natural scent is very nice (smells to me like a few essential oils when I start sweating)! I honestly am very happy with this product and just bought one for my husband to try out! Love the applicator and ease of applying this as well!

    9. Rebecca

      This one came so so so close for me. I love the stylish packaging, easy to throw in the bag and looks nice on the nightstand, and smells good to boot. The application was really nice, it provided coverage without leaving too much extra product hanging about – it really absorbed into the skin nicely. Found it to be decently effective as far as natural deodorants go.

      Unfortunately, I noticed that I developed dark rashes near my underarm (like, pit-adjacent?) after about a month of use, and they went away when I stopped using the deodorant. I guess my skin is more sensitive than I thought!

      • Nala Care (verified owner)

        Hi Rebecca,

        Thanks for your review. A more gentle deodorant such as the Peppermint & Charcoal might be a better fit as it does not contain any baking soda, the active ingredient in the other two deodorants. You can also try reapplying after a few days rest and be mindful to only do 1-2 swipes at a time. As the body self-regulates sweat production this reaction may disappear. Hope this helps and thanks for your support.

    10. nairapemberton (verified owner)

      Love this product. I’ve tried a few natural deodorant brands and this is by far my favourite. It works really really well, doesn’t irritate my skin and smells lovely. Also really love that it is in stick form. I’ve just ordered the sandalwood scent.

    11. kirsten

      I bought this with high hopes….. I have been using natural deodorant for well over a year. Although I loved the smell in the store, it doesn’t work for me. I smell more when wearing this deodorant than wearing nothing at all. I am really disappointed as $27 is expensive for deodorant that does not cut it (at all).

      • Nala Care (verified owner)

        Hi Kirsten,

        Thanks for your review. The deodorants are each different strengths made to fit the individual. As this is our middle of the line deodorant the Sandalwood & Bergamot may be a better fit as it is a stronger formulation. Ada

    12. Sarah (verified owner)

      Extremely recommend this product, this company, the packaging, they’re purpose/ they’re meaning, their ethics and their customer service! The product itself is SO smooth, smells INCREDIBLE, and it works!!! My detoxing stage was brutal for only one week!! (I’ve heard many people say months!!) The message is so trustworthy, honourable and just so sweet. PLUS when I Facebook messaged them about how to take the small plastic lid off, they msg me back within an hour to explain that’s just there for the initial shelf life. Five minutes later they replied again offering to send me a new one for free. And it came 3 days later. Support good Canadian, hardworking companies!! ——- Real customer. Real human. Real statements.
      Thank you, Nala!

    13. Vesna Vidic

      I have always been sceptical about trying out a new deodorant because very few are absolutely efficient. That’s why I have remained loyal to brands that are not really natural. And then I tried Nala deodorant. For a full week, I was patiently testing it to make sure it works, especially because I sweat more now that I am in menopause. I can now confirm without a doubt that I have found the most natural solution for my excessive sweating.

    14. Destanne Lundquist (verified owner)

      So… I am a stinker. Really. I have tried what feels like every natural deodorant I could get my hands on – I have a mini fortune devoted to my armpits. I never give up when I’ve set my mind… though nothing has ever worked. It usually ended up that I have a dreadful combination of stink and whatever the fragrance.
      Not awesome.

      When I first saw Nala my natural aesthetic self was pleased as punch with the design and my nerdy self appreciate the volume of information. It was clear I had to give it a go – what did I have to lose?

      I’ve been wearing the ‘pink’ on my left and the ‘grey’ on the right for a week.

      I am pleased as punch to say that I am no longer a stinker!
      This shit is awesome!!

      Thank you for using incredibly top quality ingredients, lovely combinations of essential oils and making the package so damn pretty.

      My pits are happily yours.

    15. Alex

      I have been incredibly surprised by how well this deodorant works. I have never dared to make the transition to ‘free-from’ deodorants as I was worried about their effectiveness but this works amazingly, even after a long day of meetings and commuting.

    16. Jessica Di Tomaso (verified owner)

      I have been looking for a natural deodorant for years and have never found one that works well! It worked well with my sensitive skin and neutralized odour. Highly recommend it together with the charcoal detox – worked great!

    17. Hannah (verified owner)

      Love the fresh smell. This product works wonders to keep me feeling and smelling fresh. It has been easy on my sensitive skin.

    18. Neda Micic

      In love with this Nala care deodorant! It gets the job done! This product is the only one that works on my irritated skin. It’s thicker than average stick and lasts much longer. Love the fresh scent! Highly recommended.

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