Ingredient Highlight: Baking Soda

Each ingredient selected for our free-from deodorants is purposeful. We choose based on quality, safety, and effectiveness. For this reason you’ll find baking soda in a few of our deodorant options, never aluminum

Why Baking Soda?

Baking soda is well known for its ability to absorb odours. (Think back to the container of it your mom probably kept in the fridge to keep things smelling fresh.) Found in higher strength natural deodorants, baking soda has antimicrobial benefits which make it an active ingredient in fighting odour-causing bacteria. 

The Journey

If you’re new to deodorants with baking soda, there can be an adjustment period for your skin. Baking soda has an alkalinity which can cause a drying effect on more sensitive skin. Applying baking soda to your underarms can affect the pH levels of your skin (2), which is what can cause this dryness, if you experience any at all. You may be extra sensitive to baking soda if your skin’s protective outer layer, the acid mantle (or moisture barrier), has been impaired (3). This impairment can be caused by using harsh sulphates (check that body wash of yours) on your skin which break down the acid mantle and make your skin super sensitive. Stick to using gentle soaps on this delicate skin area to reduce any inflammation. 

It’s important to remember that any sensitivity is usually temporary. Like anything new, your body is adjusting and building up a tolerance. If you initially show a sensitivity to baking soda, that will dissipate with time and many end up using the strongest formula in their daily routine after a short time. 

If you notice any skin sensitivity, try adding in our baking soda free options, like the Detox Peppermint and Activated Charcoal or any Sensitive Skin personalized options to your routine. Alternate the days you use our regular or extra strength free-from options with the days you use the baking soda free options to allow your skin time to adjust. 

Everything we purchase these days is ready-made, off the rack, but your deodorant doesn’t have to be. Your body's needs are your own, so choose and personalize the free-from deodorant that speaks to those needs. 

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