Why do I get postpartum night sweats?

Why do I get postpartum night sweats?

It’s your first few nights after labor and you’re waking up to feed, clammy and drenched in sweat. Your room temperature is ideal and the window is cracked, so what could be happening?

You’ve entered the common phase of postpartum night sweats. As a more unpleasant postpartum symptom, a better understanding of what changes your body is going through can help make managing night sweats a little easier. 

Why night sweats happen after having a baby

During pregnancy, your body goes through remarkable changes (remember this when you’re feeling overwhelmed, you created life!), and one of them is taking on additional fluid that supports you and your baby. Postpartum, your hormones are tasked with helping rid your body of these excess fluids (1). Hence the sweats. 

While you might notice an increase in sweating during the day, the majority will happen while you’re snoozing, making waking for those nighttime feeding sessions a little more uncomfortable. 

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What you can do to help manage night sweats

Along with sweating, you may notice that you’re urinating more frequently, which is another way your body flushes out all that extra water weight. Because of all this fluid loss, you’re going to want to make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you’re also breastfeeding (2). 

Opt for loose, light pyjamas that are more breathable, like cotton. Or better yet, sleep in the nude to allow your body to breathe at night. 

Try opening a window or placing a fan on you to help keep you cool, just make sure if your baby is sleeping next to you that they’re kept warm. 

Layer, layer, layer down those towels. As a new parent, you have enough laundry to do as it is, so limit changing your sheets by throwing down a towel or two and putting a rubber sheet or mattress protector between you and the bed. 

Get that detox going

While your night sweats should only last 2-6 weeks (1), you can help your body eliminate toxins with our Peppermint and Activated Charcoal deodorant. Free-from toxins, it’s safe to use while breastfeeding and neutralizes underarm odor by using botanicals and scientifically validated ingredients of the highest quality.

This detox deodorant will help you feel a little more refreshed in the morning thanks to the cooling peppermint, making those early baby alarm cries a little more manageable. 

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