Why do I sweat when I breastfeed?

Why do I sweat when I breastfeed?

Wondering why your body seems to sweat more every time you sit down to breastfeed your baby? Even after all your excess water weight is gone postpartum, you may continue to sweat more than your usual while breastfeeding because of a few hormonal changes your body is undergoing. 

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This is why you’re sweating more when breastfeeding

While you might have assumed that because you’re no longer pregnant the hormonal changes have stopped, your body is actually going through a metabolic and hormonal influx when nursing (1). 

You know how your baby gets all sleepy during and after a feed? That’s because nursing releases oxytocin in them, that nice relaxing hormone, but it also gets released in you (2). As your baby nurses you’ll feel sleepy and relaxed yourself, with more oxytocin released the more your baby feeds and breast milk flows.

You might also feel hot while nursing as this hormonal release can slightly raise your body temperature (3), so make sure you’re as comfortable as can be each time you sit down to nurse. 

What you can do about breastfeeding sweats

First, it’s important to know that any extra sweat is normal. Your body’s response to breastfeeding is a natural one, even if a little inconvenient. So try not to, well, sweat it. 

The stress of new motherhood and trying to master the breastfeeding dance can bring on some additional sweating, and we don’t blame you. In addition to hormonal sweat, there's a good chance you're dealing with your fair share of psychological, or stress, sweat. While it can be hard with a newborn, it’s important to squeeze in some moments of me-time, whether that be a bath, a walk, or a much-needed nap. 

You can also reduce some of the sweating anxiety by feeling like you’re smelling great and using a product that you know is safe to wear while breastfeeding. Our Personalized Deodorant allows you to choose the strength of your deodorant, depending on how much odor protection you’re needing postpartum. 

While you’re at it choose your scent, whether a grounding Palo Santo or uplifting Citrus. Make the time before you apply your deodorant to take a big inhale of the product, breathing in that scent and gifting yourself a moment of peace before your big day as a parent. 

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