Why do I sweat more postpartum?

We talked about what sweat changes happen to your body during pregnancy, but what about postpartum? After giving birth, your body is re-regulating itself, coming back to an equilibrium post baby. You’re shedding water weight, ridding yourself of the bloating you may have had in your hands and feet while pregnant, normalizing to the new you. While this process may only last a few months, it’s nice to know why it’s happening. 

Top Recommended Deodorants for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Night Sweats

The reality is you’re going to sweat a lot more after delivering your baby, and that’s because the hormones that told you to hold onto liquid during your pregnancy are now telling you to flush it out (1). Your body is naturally cleansing itself through its sweat glands. This excessive sweating tends to show up at night, so in the beginning it might be nice to sleep on a towel to protect your sheets. Keep hydrated too, as drinking lots of water encourages the liquid to be released through urine over sweat. 

Use a Detox deodorant before bedtime to support this detoxification period while you sleep. Bonus! Peppermint is naturally cooling and great if you're now a hotter, sweatier, or smellier sleepier. 


If you’re nursing your baby, your body will emit a stronger smell through your underarm sweat than normal to help your baby find its source of food (2). This is your body’s response to naturally assist your baby in finding the breast, and will begin right after giving birth. 

How To Help The Transition

While all of this is natural, we understand changes can sometimes be uncomfortable or even unwelcome. Some things you can do to assist your body (3) are:

Sounds simple, and we know that during this time a lot of your focus will be on keeping your new baby happy. If you can only do one a day, that’s enough. Your body will take care of the rest.

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