Benefits Of A Breast Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Benefits Of A Breast Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Benefits Of A Breast Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Breast massage can be an intimidating practice for many, yet the benefits are endless. A time to connect with yourself, lymphatic massage also allows you to help your body drain toxins from the surrounding area. Breasts are like sponges (1) and can be especially susceptible to absorbing toxins from the environment, which is why we invite you to make breast lymphatic drainage massage practice part of your everyday routine. 

Benefits of Breast Oil

It’s the product you didn’t know you needed, and now you can’t live without - your perfect breast lymphatic drainage massage companion. Nala’s Breast Oil is specifically formulated with key ingredients that physically benefit your breasts, body, and soul. 


Alleviates breast tenderness and swelling: Organic poplar bud co2 extract, the hero ingredient in our breast oil, reduces breast tenderness and swelling familiar with PMS, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. 

Lifts and firms the skin: Organic neroli oil has strong firming properties to help tighten and lift breasts, or wherever the oil is applied. 

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scar tissue, and fine lines: Organic rosehip co2 extract is rich in vitamin C and collagen, which help protect and hydrate the skin while reducing scar tissue and sun damage. 

Benefits Of Lymphatic Massage

Breast tissue is unique in that it contains no muscles. Full of mammary glands, breasts are comprised of glandular organs which are surrounded by fatty, glandular and fibrous tissue (1). The lymph nodes in your breasts are what help circulate nutrients and detoxify toxins throughout breast tissue, the armpits and the chest area. The majority of the breast lymph drains into the armpit nodes (3).

Breast tissue actually extends up into the armpit, just below the collar bone, and right down to your sixth or seventh rib (2). Your breasts are incredibly sensitive to hormonal changes and undergo cyclic changes that mirror what’s happening in your uterus (1). Ever find that your breasts are tender at a certain point in your menstrual cycle? This would be why!

Regular breast lymphatic drainage can lift your breasts, improving circulation and reducing swelling, especially during PMS, pregnancy, and postpartum (4). And that’s not all. Lymphatic drainage massage in the breasts:  

  • Supports healthy lymph flow
  • Can help shrink growths
  • Increases breast tissue nutrition and oxygenation
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Balances heart and sexual energy
  • Detoxifies toxins and excess estrogen
  • Enhances the elasticity of the ligaments
  • Increases breast milk production
  • Unblocks plugged milk glands

Your breasts are a direct funnel to your heart chakra, allowing daily massage to clear out stagnant energy and become a tool for alleviating feelings of emotional pain, stress, and unworthiness. It’s a practice that can have you connect deeper to yourself, finding and building upon your self-love. 

Choose Free-From

Your breasts can hold a lot, and the chemicals used within conventional deodorants, moisturizers, and beauty products can accumulate in their delicate and absorbent tissues. Aluminum, which is very commonly used in antiperspirants, is known to mimic estrogen (1). These sorts of chemicals get stored in the lymph nodes of the breasts, creating a breeding ground for hormonal imbalances. 

Today, up to 50% of breast cancers show up in the area of the breast closest to the armpit, with 99% of breast cancer tissue showing the presence of parabens (1). Disrupting the natural, and beneficial bacteria of our armpits, which are there to support our immune system, is why Nala chooses to be free-from a list of over 900 ingredients

Because sometimes the simpler things are, the better they are

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